December 15, 2020

Your guide to finding the right artificial grass for your business or property.

There are numerous reasons people look at artificial lawns. For starters, it can be boring and pricey to nurture substantial amounts of grass. Notably if you crave for your business, event space, or residence to stick out. Keeping grass luscious and green demands time and money to water, fertilize, and reseed. Moreover, even after all that care, unpredictable weather conditions can wreck a perfectly manicured lawn. This is why many businesses and individuals alike have turned to artificial grass as a solution to the effort, high water bills and equipment cost, as well as the apprehension that comes with maintaining beautiful lawns. Though deciding upon artificial grass for a landscaping project demands an up-front cost, it can save you a ton in the long haul.

When debating about artificial turf, the first concept that comes to mind may be golf courses or personal putting greens, but while synthetic putting turf requires short, dense blades that keep a golf ball on its course, the monochromatic, flat putting turf doesn’t have all of the features required to replace a genuine grass lawn.

Real grass is wavy, lush, and multi-toned, and putting turf just will not cut it for open spaces. If you want to fancy up your lawn, there are a lot of alternatives to consider that can provide an appropriate aesthetic replacement for genuine grass.

But why choose synthetic grass?

A lower water bill and the money kept by omitting fertilizers and sprays already make a terrific case for using synthetic grass, specifically for large spaces. Nevertheless, one of the most disheartening parts of trying to maintain a real grass lawn is damage caused by weather and heavy foot traffic.

“Keep off the grass” signs are so cliché and aren’t as practical as we wish they were anyway. It only takes a few rule-breakers can cause patches of downtrodden grass that can make a superbly maintained lawn look unprofessional. The advantages of artificial grass for residential and commercial spaces include:

  • Next to no maintenance required
  • Durable and resistant to flattening in high-traffic areas
  • Environmentally-friendly by cutting water usage
  • Stays lush and green in all seasons and weather conditions
  • No need for potentially harmful fertilizers and pesticides
  • Lower cost for care and/or saved time

But why choose synthetic grass?

If you run to your local box store and purchase some artificial turf, you’ll notice that it looks unnaturally shiny. A lot of the synthetic grass on the market today is created using fibers that are simply shaped like natural grass in single, straight blades. While this lay out keeps true to the shape of lone blades of grass, sometimes (especially when cheaper materials are used), this design can be too reflective and create a plastic-like shine. Creating a resolution to this problem by choosing a product that deals with light reflection is a superb start to selecting the right artificial grass product for your project. Our own artificial turf product Bolt solves this issue with lightning bolt-shaped blades that brilliantly reflect light in a way that imitates the luster of natural grass, evading that plastic look altogether.


Another issue that you can run into with lower quality artificial turf is its color. Natural grass is never just “green.” There are all sorts of colors and tones that make genuine grass look so, well, real. Locating a brand of artificial grass that can grant you with the right colors to match the shade of green grass that grows in your area is principal when selecting what to pick up.

The plan of making the switch to artificial grass is to save you time and money while showing off the best lawn around. It’s critical to make certain that your lawn’s color doesn’t make it the odd one out. Finding a dealer that gives you choices is very significant, and Southwest Greens has a whole lot to select from. The Bolt line of artificial turf incorporate Bolt Landscape as well Bolt Natural, which both come in a wide array of colors, incorporating blends, so you can find the perfect fit for your grass in Augusta. While Bolt Landscape produces more color options, Bolt Natural uses a patented triple-fiber design giving a Bolt Natural lawn more color variance and a very natural look that can be uncommon in the synthetic grass market.

No matter what kind of aesthetic you’re pursuing for your area, if you’re thinking artificial turf, you can find the best match for your grass with Bolt.