January 25, 2022

Discover why many professional golfers prefer to play on synthetic turf.

Champions such as Jim Furyk, Hale Irwin, and Vijay Singh all use and endorse the Southwest Greens premium synthetic golf putting greens. These professionals all know that our artificial golf greens are the best on the market. Here are a few of the reasons why they love our greens.


Thanks to its high-quality design, artificial grass is an ideal choice for all aspects of golf. Any golfer is aware of the wear that happens on a putting green or course. Traditional grass is more susceptible to damage caused by golfing. Southwest Greens has mastered the art and science of artificial turf installation. We’ve designed and installed over 6,000 golf greens worldwide as backyard putting greens, luxurious golf courses, and more.


While all of our golf greens replicate natural grass, one of our customer’s preferred turfs is Golden Bear. Golden Bear turf is designed in partnership with Nicklaus Design. This high-level artificial turf rolls, bounces, and receives like a pro course. Shot after shot, Golden Bear has the best aim of any putting surface. The playability feels so real you would swear you are on organic grass.


There isn’t anything like seeing a green, perfectly manicured lawn. With synthetic turf, you will see a gorgeous green with hardly any work year-round. You can choose from a variety of grass blade types, colors, and weights to get what you want. Our team can help create a completely customized experience for your needs.


By investing in artificial turf, you immediately reduce the amount of maintenance necessary to keep it looking great. Our turf stays durable use after use, year after year. It won’t fade from the sun or compress from heavy foot traffic. Never mow or water again when you invest in synthetic turf.


Even if you’re not the one maintaining your golf greens, you know weeds and pests may take over a wide area of organic grass. Not only does this look bad, but weeds and pests can also wreak havoc on your allergies. With artificial turf, you won’t have to worry about animals, insects, or weeds. Because they can’t eat it, animals and bugs won’t hang around to munch on your grass.


Don’t just take our word for it; look at what some of the top golf champions who have had Southwest Greens installed on their properties have to say.

Jack Nicklaus: 73 Time PGA Tour Champion

"From early on in the project we had a vision to create a product that was not only unique, but pioneering in the development of golf. Incorporating a high level of teaching and operations with state of the art synthetic surfaces that eliminate fertilizers and pesticides and preserve an ideal ball reaction."

Rickie Fowler: PGA Tour Winner

"If you want to be the best you have to practice with the best. That’s why I choose Southwest Greens to install and maintain my putting green."

Annika Sörenstam: 10-time Major Winner & World Golf Hall-of-Famer

“The team at Southwest Greens did an outstanding job of designing a green that blends beautifully with its surroundings and provides me with an ideal surface where I can practice my putting without leaving home,” said Johnson. “I have no doubt that it will make me a better putter and allow me to win more golf tournaments. It’s also great when you’re entertaining, as everyone who visits can’t wait to get on it!”

Jim Furyk: US Open Champion

“I love my Southwest Putting Green! This surface presents all the challenges of a tour green. Putting and chip shots react as they do on the natural grass greens I see each week on tour. These guys are great!”

Vijay Singh: 2000 Master’s Champion

“I think it’s incredible! The golf green the professionals at Southwest Greens designed equals any we see every day on tour. The way the ball rolls and how it reacts to chip shots is fantastic. I can practice my short game in the comfort of my own home anytime. Two thumbs up.”

Hale Irwin: Three-Time US Open Champion

“A Southwest putting green for any golfer is an investment…probably the best investment in your golf game you can make.”


You do not need to be a professional to enjoy the best putting green. Southwest Greens of Augusta expert design professionals can help you design the perfect synthetic grass or artificial turf for your home or business. Take a look at some of our artificial golf green options here.