March 22, 2021

Your manual to understand the relevance of bounce on artificial turf.

Natural Bounce — Why It Matters

Picture this. You are practicing your chip shot, and the artificial putting green you are using will just not receive the ball properly. Regardless how good the shot is, the ball bounces and rolls off the green. As a fervent golfer, you want a putting green that plays like natural.

Worthy synthetic golf green characteristics should feature these top reactions:

  • Realistic golf ball bounce
  • Accurate reaction to aim
  • True directional roll
  • Predictable playability

The key here is to have the artificial turf behave as uniformly as real grass does. From the impact when your ball hits the green, you can witness if you’re playing on really good turf or not. If you’re hitting a chip shot, you should be able to assume it will be accepted by the grass correctly, bounce appropriately, and roll as intended.

If these key elements are missing, how could you possibly correct your putting or chipping regularity?

The Science Behind Turf Bounce

Southwest Greens has been able to quantify key performance indicators. By understanding what variables affect performance we are able to simulate natural greens.

Test methods were created to comprehend what variables actually influence performance. Spin, firmness, and bounce were evaluated using a combination of GSGA and proprietary testing methods. These tests replicate normal shot and surface interactions.

Bounce Test-

  1. Tru Firm Measures, the displacement of the surface to see how surface influences energy transfer.
  2. Bounce. Proprietary device that simulates natural pitch shot approach angle and spin. This will standardize and quantify the surface interaction to understand how the surface will accept a pitch shot.
  3. Spin. Proprietary device that replicates natural spin. Standardise and quantify the surface interaction to see how the friction of the surface alters ball spin will translate to performance.

The Southwest Greens Difference

At Southwest Greens of Augusta, we have perfected the art of installation to provide you with the best playing surface attainable. Here is how we build our turfs:


Depending upon where you live, the land may vary from sand to clay and rock. Properly installed synthetic turf accounts for this, with a base created to promote proper drainage.

Aggregate Base

Stone is used on top of the subgrade (ground) to aid in drainage and create a properly constructed surface. It is vital that the aggregate be constructed and compacted to the right depths. For golf applications, a second shaping aggregate is added to create undulations and breaks.


Artificial turf is developed by sewing the fiber through two layers of backing. The backing, in turn, is covered with high-grade polyurethane to secure the stitches.


Essential to the turf system, infill consists of rounded washed silica. Infill yields ballast, helps drainage, and directly impacts the key bounce indicators.

Turf Fiber

Extruded, PP/PE/ Nylon come in an assortment of constructions, colors, and lengths. Materials and product construction directly impact the surface interaction with the golf ball.

Check out this installation video to learn how we figure out the appropriate infill layers and synthetic green surface for your situation.

Looking for a product where a chip shot will land, bounce, roll, stop, and react as naturally to a real golf green as possible?

Residential putting greens differ quite a bit from typical lawn turf. Base work, cup placement, undulations, and turf selections are all critical features of an artificial golf green that adds value to your game, your family, and your home, all while downsizing maintenance costs.

Take a look at one of our fan-favorites: Golden Bear Turf

Golden Bear is our premium-grade synthetic turf with the appearance, feel, and bite of genuine grass. It’s the turf preferred by amateurs as well as PGA Tour players for their homes. In simple terms — it’s the most accurate playing surface available on the market today. Our artificial turf is a great option for more regularity, predictability and even helps to prevent injuries generated by bumpy playing surfaces. Although constructed with golf in mind, this long-lasting, high-quality turf can also be installed at heavy-traffic areas like playgrounds and recreational areas.

The partnership with Southwest Greens and Nicklaus Design began in 2004 and has expanded significantly over the years in both design and turf technology. All customers can enjoy custom-designed golf greens installed by certified Southwest Greens dealers. Now everyone can experience best-in-class integrating professional design, installation, and Golden Bear exclusive turf products.

Golden Bear Turf is the best in quality, look, and performance for synthetic turf products. This top-level artificial turf bounces, rolls, and receives just like a pro course. Shot after shot, Golden Bear has the most authentic aim of any putting surface. Playability that is so real, you will think you’re playing out on the local course. It’s easily the best turf on the planet, and you will find it at Southwest Greens of Augusta.

Our Golden Bear Turf brings you championship-level bounce right in your own backyard. Scientifically designed and tested to have 20-25% more ball retention than other leading artificial turf for real playability. Contact your local dealer if you want to find out more about the science.

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